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What’s the Difference Between Small Ship Sailing and Mega Cruise Liners?

Posted on 01/04/2019
No doubt, you’ve either been on one of the popular mega cruise ships or you know someone who has. Many travelers today like the experience of those big vessels so much that they return again and again. But not everyone wants all those bells and whistles, the non-stop action and the endless cascade of onboard entertainment, dining, shopping, and excursions ─ not to mention the 5,000 other people on the ship.
If you prefer a calmer and less crowded vacation getaway, sailing aboard a small ship, like the Star Clipper, might be a better choice.
Imagine setting out to sea on a classic tall sailing ship that’s 360 feet long with sixteen sails billowing high above in the balmy wind, where life onboard is blissfully relaxing and intimate. It feels as if you’re on your own private yacht – but it’s even better because all of your needs are expertly attended to.
Cabin on the Star Clipper Tall Ship
Small ship sailing has lots of cabin room to unwind in.
On a small ship, you visit smaller ports of call and more remote destinations, with more access to each region’s rich culture and heritage. When docked, you can just walk on and off the ship as you wish. No restrictive schedules or long lines here.
There’s peace and quiet, and the intimacy that comes with just 170 guests onboard. So, you can really get to know your shipmates and crew. You’re also less likely to share the space with families on these journeys.
As for activities onboard, instead of the ropes courses, waterslides, race tracks, and Broadway shows that the big cruise lines offer, you’ll have a traditional sailing experience that includes once-in-a-lifetime pursuits like climbing the mast. Imagine the bragging rights!
“Everyone wants to climb the mast, and it’s an absolute blast,” Maryls Aballi, an avid traveler and co-owner of a travel agency called Connection to Cruise, said about her sail aboard Star Clipper. “You can also climb out on the bow and relax in the hammock, watching the crystal blue water passing by. It’s great fun, and something that you can’t get on any other kind of ship.”
Small ships also often have a sports deck off the back of the ship. When the ship is anchored, you can swim, snorkel, kayak, or even take a small sailboat out for a spin.
Dining Room on the Star Clipper
Small ships doesn't mean small dining experiences!
Perhaps the best part of sailing on a tall ship is that it follows the traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships, something that’s so unique in our hyper-speed world. Aballi described: “It’s incredible when they raise the sails and you start sailing out of port. They play a certain song, and an emotional wave comes over you. It really touches your heart. It’s just like listening to that Christopher Cross song, ‘Sailing.’”
If you’re looking for a memorable vacation adventure that’s far from the ordinary, you may want to consider a small ship. Star Clippers is setting sail on a 7-night roundtrip Phuket-Northern Thailand journey on Nov. 2-9, 2019, at an amazing price starting from only $1,680 per person, which is available through Connection to Cruise (call 909-798-9133 or visit

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