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Travel Consultant

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Hi there! I’m Janelle, a Southern California native residing in Orange County, California. I like to tell folks I’m in a committed relationship…with my passport ;-)

I have a just completed a long and rewarding albeit stressful career in law enforcement. I know what it feels like to have the need to decompress and reboot your mind, body and soul whether it’s from your professional, personal or educational responsibilities. And when I’m on a trip, I’m often planning/thinking of my next one.

I like to travel solo, spontaneously, jet off with friends or with an organized tour group. I’m a highly flexible person who can drop in and usually fit in with any crowd. Some of my travels include Alaska, Hawaii, Disney World, Jamaica, Toronto, NYC, Fiji, and Mexico. I have completed four to five cruises in the past to the Caribbean and Mexico. To date, I have been to 21 of the 30 MLB stadiums plus Cooperstown and the Field of Dreams. I will make it to the last nine for sure!!

My friends and family have heard my mantra of YOLO which means “you only live once.” I believe wholeheartedly that we should strive to collect moments and memories, not things. I am really interested in exploring more solo female travel opportunities going forward. Nonetheless, won’t you let me facilitate your next special travel moments? Get out there and see new places and meet new faces. Expose yourself to different cultures, cuisines, architecture and rich history. We can procure a vacation escape for you that strikes the perfect balance between action and relaxin. I would love the chance to put something together for you!

Janelle Bautista