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  • Host Agency
  • Cruised on 63 cruises
  • Graduate CCL University
  • Groups Specialist
  • Celebrity Cruise Line Specialist
  • Tahiti Specialist
  • Princess Commodore

It's a privilege and honor to work with a team of such dedicated and knowledgeable Travel professionals.

  • Cruised 67 times - including several Europe River Cruises, Luxury Cruises, Sailing Cruise ships and extensive world travel! At Connection To Cruise we’ve helped thousands of customers go on dream vacations for over 25 years. We don’t just send our customers anywhere – we send them places we know are sure to deliver the best travel experiences and create memorable moments. This ensures that each of our customers arrives at their destination informed and prepared. We have built relationships with Cruise Lines, Resorts, Executive Partners and the travel community to provide you, with the best vacation possible.
  • We've learned that . . .
    • One is a dream come true
    • The other a nightmare!
    • Do you know which is which?
    • When you trust Connection To Cruise Travel to book your well-deserved vacation, you can travel wiith confidence!
    It is very satisfying to know that most of our business success is built on referrals!
  • Here at Connection To Cruise Travel, we always look out for your best interest!