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Appreciating Good Wine - Coyote Oaks Vineyard and Connection to Cruise

Posted on 01/30/2018

This September join us and have a sip of some amazing, award winning Coyote Oaks Vineyard Wines! Meet owner/winemaker, Karen Sherman, and learn everything there is to know about wine growing AND wine drinking!

It might sounds obvious, but do you like/love wine? How do you know what is a good wine if you have never been told and if you have never taken the time to experience the level of acidity, bitterness, fruitness, and/or sweetness? Of course a good wine is the one you appreciate, but also a good wine has to show a good balance, a good structure. And those aspects can only be understood by being taught through a wine tasting with Karen Sherman.

Karen Sheman and Tempranillo Cluster

Tasting wine is about awaking your senses to what happens when they are in contact with Coyote Oaks Vineyard Wines:

  1. Sight: When looking at the appearance, colour, legs or tears, the superior couch, bubbles…
  2. Smell: When defining the different flavors you get from the glass (herbal, fruity, spicy…)
  3. Touch: When feeling the texture, the density of the wine.
  4. Taste: When sipping it and when swallowing it.
  5. Ear: When listening to Karen Sherman sharing her expertise.

At Connection To Cruise, we like to create a friendly atmosphere, and we are planning to have a post cruise event at the Coyote Oaks winery. This after cruise party and onboard wine tasting are exclusive experiences for our guests of Riverside Art Museum (RAM) & Coyote Oaks Winery Pacific Coastal Cruise, leaving Seattle on September 21, 2018. To learn more about the cruise click here.

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