The Return of the US Virgin Islands' Favorite Ultra-Luxury Resort: the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas

About Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands
It was the first Ritz-Carlton hotel in the Caribbean, and since it opened in the 90’s, it’s won praise and inspired generations of devoted travelers in love with the the US Virgin Islands – and Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts.

The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas beach resort has undergone a 100-million dollar renovation following hurricane damage, and opened its doors once again in spectacular style on one of the most beautiful bays in the USVI.

You need to see it for yourself, but BestTrip can share with you the video we produced when we visited shortly after the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas re-opened.

It may be the most idyllic island escape you can reach without a passport – for US citizens, that is.

Close enough for a weekend escape (especially when there are minimal delays for American citizens in and out this US territory), and available to cruise guests calling in the popular port looking for a luxury day beach resort, spend even one day in the newly re-imagined Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas, and you’ll want to book again and again.