The Only Place in the World with 3 Real Viking Ships

About Oslo, Norway
There's just one place in the world you can get up close to three actual Viking ships that sailed the coasts of Scandinavia and even across the North Seas. 

In the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, three unbelievable, thousand-year-old ships tower above visitors who stare awestruck at these incredible feats of maritime engineering, and the spell-binding grave goods buried with them. They are real-life evidence of a fierce, heroic culture whose epic journeys as far away from Europe as Canada (hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus) continue to inspire our imagination today. The Viking Ship Museum is the perfect place to salute the trailblazing, seafaring explorers who had an immense impact on Northern Europe that lasts even today.

BestTrip arrived in Oslo in the Viking way, by sea, but in the lap of luxury on our Seabourn cruise of Northern Europe that re-traced Viking routes. 

Put Oslo and a Northern European cruise on your travel bucket list, and in the meantime, get a glimpse in this video of the phenomenal Viking ships you'll only see at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.